Indonesia as a developing country, needs more experiences and also knowledge from other countries. Therefore it is important for Indonesians to establish networks for improving human resources with other countries, especially developed ones. They have more advanced strategies, experiences. and also literatures on women’s studies

I am interested in studying women’s studies, especially from a social psychology perspective. I have a background in this field from my graduate degree in the department of social psychology at Gadjah Mada University and from my experiences when I have been in the Center for Women’s Studies for three years in my university. My several years work at this Center, one of the leading women organizations especially in gender issues and Islam, gave me valuable experience in applying my knowledge in the real world, in addition to the new knowledge that I acquired while doing research. However, in order to improve my knowledge of the field and develop my capacity, I feel that I have to continue my formal study to the another level more deeply. By doing so, I believe that I will be able to better understand the social phenomena around me, and therefore I will be able to come out with better analysis and policy recommendation.

Study in women’s studies from a social psychology perspective is particularly important for Indonesia at the present time. There is a social contraction that leads to the gender bias. Most gender bias has negative effects for women, not only from traditional thought but it also happens in modern thought. In the State Institute of Islamic Studies (IAIN) Context, women’s studies is very important in three aspects; first is in the Academic area. To strengthen the women’s studies program at IAIN, it is very important to improve the quality of human resources. In this regard, women’s studies offered by Fulbright scholarship would assist to achieve this goal. IAIN as a learning center in Indonesia has a significant role to become an agent of change in Indonesian society, for the majority of Indonesian population is Muslim .Secondly is in Research activity. It is very important to acquire a better understanding of research methodology in the area of women’s studies. Although in IAIN there is a lot of research of this kind but the quality is still limited. The last area is Social Service. It is the duty of Institute to empower society through direct service activities. To do this, the institute has worked hand in hand with other institutions.

My involvement in several social and academic activities such as giving guidance and consoling in the community and conducting some research, has given me an understanding that a new approach in development process is urgently needed in Indonesia. This approach should recognize the potensial and dynamics of the society, and even invite the participation of the leaders and also the women themselves in the development strategy. The research of The attitude of Islamic leaders toward gender issues in Yogyakarta that I was deeply involved with have shown that there is still gender bias among Islamic leaders. So far the general perception of the society indicates that the modern leaders are not gender biased. But in my research, I found that there were no significant differences of attitude between traditional and modern leaders toward gender issue. Therefore a new strategy to increase gender sensitivity among Islamic leader in Indonesia is very necessary.

In summary, for me pursuing a Master degree in a US university in this field is a way to improve my knowledge and capability. The quality of education in the US, with its experienced lecturers, excellent libraries, and abundant literature, undoubtedly, will give the opportunity to explore my field of interest that otherwise I am not able to do. Furthermore, it will also give me an additional advantage that is to build an international network with planners and researchers in developmental issues.

Upon my return to Indonesia, I will continue my contribution in the developmental process through my institution by developing it to be a special strategy. Our expertise to do research of the micro level, complete with my knowledge in macro context and theory, will support me to come out with comprehensive analysis of problems and help solve the gender bias among Islamic leaders. This is something that I have always wanted to do, to contribute my knowledge and my effort for the people in need.

After having graduated from senior high school in 1998, I enrolled in the English Department of the State Islamic University (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Indonesia because I was inspired by my experiences when I have to speech in English-as a foreign Language in my country. I have made speech in front of the audience since I was in Senior High School.
During my 5 years of study in the Department, I found that campus life was not only meant for the purpose of study Islamic and English language,so I joined the social and religion organization.
Graduated from English department does not make me satisfy with it. So,after graduated from my under graduate, I take post graduate in the University of Muhammmadiyah Prof. Dr. Hamka in Jakarta, English Department.